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Lorraine Haddock

About Lorraine

American-born author Lorraine Haddock received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Rowan University. She loves sharing her experiences through poetry and storytelling.  Her real-life stories spring from childhood memories, close relationships with the remarkable women who have shaped her life and the joy of being a mother. 

The author is currently working on a series of children’s books titled, “Nonna! Nonna! Tell us a Story!”  Her first book, The Duck Without A Quack, a true story of her lovable pet duckling, was released in February 2015.

In addition to writing, Lorraine is a skilled fiber artist following the tradition of her nonna, Giulia Gabrielli Fabiani.  Passionate about creative sewing, Lorraine is a member of The American Sewing Guild and The Third Star Fibre Artists Guild, displaying her work and demonstrating hand embroidery at art shows in southern New Jersey.

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